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Welcome to Pattaya Bird Watch.Com!

I created this website in an attempt to centralize information relating to some of the more popular ladies in Pattaya, Thailand.

This site is new, and is bound to have a number of bugs. Please note the Report Bug link at the bottom of this page. That link will appear on every page on this website, and when clicked it will send me a message from you as well as a bit of technical information about the page you are on, to help in the debug/patch process. Clicking it will navigate you away from the page you are on when you click it.

You can also use the same link to request new features. Right now, the site is very simple and contains very few advanced features. I do plan on adding many features already, but input is always appreciated.

As you will note on the Add Post page (or the Add Photo page), I have enacted a very strict policy against posting nude or even partially nude photos of underage people, for what I hope are very obvious reasons. That said, I have no legal or moral objections to extreme content, so long as the majority of users enjoy them. In other words, feel free to post all the R and X and even XXX rated photos you wish, so long as the people depicted in them are of legal age (over 18 years old). If there is ANY doubt about their age (e.g. if they LOOK young), then post only clothed photos or facial shots only. Lets keep this website free of illegal photos. I own the servers, so can not be shut down for objectionable content.

How it works. Anyone can register an account, though you will have to verify your email address to do so. Free email accounts are ok, at least for now. Simply register for an account, verify your email and you will be allowed to post new profiles or add reviews or photos for existing profiles. Simple :)

I decided to make the Review process dynamic. What I mean by that is that I allow the users (you) unrestricted access to add new review categories or actions to the review list. You can do so from the Review Page by clicking on the appropriate link. Currently there are 2 types of review items - Actions/Fetishes and Review Categories. The Actions/Fetishes appear as single check box items that you can click to show that the person being reviewed either provided that service for you, or offered it during your session even if you did not take part in it. Review Categories are areas in which you rate the person on a 1 to 10 scale, such as Looks and Long Time Performance. Not answering a Review Category (0 stars) will ignore that category for your review. So, if you wish to rate the person BAD in that particular category, be sure to select 1 star instead of none at all. Hope that all makes sense. It really is a simple process :)

You can also rate individual photos in a users profile. In this case the photo with the highest rating (or highest number of votes in the case of a tie) will deturmine which photo will display as the "portrate" for that profile - the one that shows up in searches, on the browse page, etc. You can modify your "vote" at any time.

Lastly... I am a fairly good developer, but I am not an artist. If you are, and would like to provide us with a better Logo, please use the email address below to contact me for discussion :)

If you want to contact me directly, please do so at info@pattayabirdwatch.com



None at the moment, tho I am sure there are plenty! Please report any issues you have, and I will update this page accordingly.

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